The Mechanical Universe and Beyond is going out of distribution after June 30, 2016.  After June 30, the series will be removed from and will no longer be available for sale on DVD.

If anybody would like to purchase a copy of the series on DVD either part 1 (up to program 26, “The Harmony of the Spheres”) or part 2, you may do so at the reduced price of $100 per part or $200 for the entire 52-program series (plus shipping and handling).  The original cost was $250 per part. Annenberg Learner has the rights to sell copies only until June 30, 2016.

You may ask why the series is being retired. The original producers (Intelecom) do not have the staff or the information available to locate all the third party rights holders of the additional footage and rights to that footage has expired. Therefore, it must be taken out of distribution.

FYI Annenberg Learner has an update physics series on modern physics topics titled Physics for the 21st Century.