The UC Riverside QuarkNet group will host a two day teacher workshop on

Thursday, July 27th and Friday, July 28th at the UCR Department of Physics

and Astronomy. In this workshop, we will review the science of parCcle and

physics and go through some analysis exercises with data from the CMS experiment.

You will receive a sCpend of $100 / day. We can also cover some travel

expenses and lodging for those outside of a reasonable commute distance.

If you are a teacher and would like to take part in the workshop,

please send the following informaCon to Owen Long (

by June 1, 2017:

• Your name

• Your school

• Will you commute daily to the event or do you need a hotel room?

• Classes that you teach and/or school acCviCes that you lead related to parCcle


• Please tell us in a paragraph how you intend to use parCcle physics with your

students. If you already teach your students about parCcle physics, what do you

cover and what are your learning goals and outcomes?

Our space and budget is limited. We will try to accommodate as many teachers

as we can.