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SCAAPT Spring Meeting
April 21, 2018
Long Beach City College

Among the expected highlights:

  • Clarence Bakken from Gunn High School and Vernier will lead a workshop in which participants get to used the new Vernier sensors.
  • Michael Nauenberg from UC Santa Cruz will share with us his work on Newton’s historic development of fundamental concepts in his Principia.
  • Daniel Mehay from Horizon Educational will discuss a semester-long project where students build a fuel cell-powered RC car.
  • Amy Fredericks of Long Beach City College will present a show in the campus planetarium.
  • Elections for the new SCAAPT Executive Committee.
  • There will be an Order of Magnitude contest and plenty of door prizes.

Plus, … lots of helpful and lively conversations with your fellow SoCal physics teachers!


The meeting page also has information regarding driving directions and parking instructions.

We can’t wait to see all of you at Long Beach City College on April 21!