Hello teaching job applicant:

Teaching Job Announcement

Minimum Qualifications:
Masters Degree in Astronomy or Physics

Desirable Qualifications:
We prefer recent teaching experience within the last 5 years either college, TA, or high school.

I am looking for 1 part time teachers for the following course at Cypress College:
2018 Fall Semester runs August 20- December 8.


CAN PHYS 8 Mechanics, oscillations, properties of matter, and fluids. Requires knowledge of differential and integral calculus. Prereq: PHYS 130 C with a minimum grade of “C” (or high school physics with a minimum grade of “B”); and MATH 150AC with a minimum grade of C; and completion of or concurrent enrollment in MATH 150BC.

Textbook: Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Serway and Jewett.

Days and time

Day Sections

Tuesday and Thursday 12:20-1:45 PM, Lab Thursday 2-5:10 PM.

Salary: $827-1277/unit-hour/semester. About $50-73/teaching hour

Above class is 6 hours and 20 min per week.

Pay depends on your experience. Lab hours are paid less than lecture hours.

Course pay is about $5300.

Class times and days are fixed and cannot be changed.

Information about our district:


Select Employment. You will find information about pay at the above link.

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Are you available to teach our class?

I would like to set up interviews soon.

I’ll give you information about your teaching demonstration once we set the time.

Are you available those days?

Please email me, Ron Armale,  your level of interest and briefly tell me about your teaching experience.

Email me a current resume. I only need your resume at this time. No need to send any other documents. Email me MS Word or pdf.

I look forward to hearing from you.