California State University Dominguez Hills is looking for a person with a masters in physics or related field to teach one or two of the following courses:

PHY 122-03 (LAB)  Th  10:00-12:50
This is the laboratory component of the second semester of our
two-semester algebra-based survey sequence in physics, designed for life
science majors.  Topics covered include electromagnetism, light, and
modern physics.  The class meets once a week for three hours.

PHY 300-06 (LAB)  TTh 16:00-17:15
This is the laboratory component of our “Physical Science for Teachers”
course, which is aimed at students who intend to become elementary or
middle-school teachers.  The experiments use (mostly) equipment that can
be found around the house.  The class meets twice a week for 75 minutes
per session.

Interested applicants should email a resume to John Price.