Dear Physics Teachers and Professors,

USC Physics and James Lincoln are hosting PHYSICS CON the FREE PHYSICS CONFERENCE. This is the first of its kind although there have been valient efforts in the past.

Free Conference! Free Lunch!! Free Toys!!! Free Parking!!!!

The conference is on Thursday January 3rd, from 9am-2pm.  You probably aren’t teaching that day.

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There are Physics Talks and a open hands-on physics toys room where you can experiment with demos. You can also volunteer to share a demo between the talks which adds excitement and interest.  Plus, family members are welcome, its all free, but you have to RSVP.

Surprises from Saturn: Up Close Imaging of the Rings
Jesse Modesto, Cal Polytechnic Pomona

The Ten Best Physics Demos You’re NOT Doing
James Lincoln, Column Editor, The Physics Teacher

Innovation in NGSS Physics Teaching
Stephen Skoropad, Green Dot Instructional Resources

Creative Solutions to Global Climate Change
Patrick Lincoln, Initiative
National Director, Denmark

Unraveling a New Physics: Galactic Spirals
Arnie Benn, TVT HS

I hope you can make it.
James Lincoln, Director