The SCAAPT Society is cordially invited to the 2019 Mars Rover and Society Expo; details below:

WHAT:  8th Annual Mars Rover Updates & Professional Society Expo!

WHEN:  Sat, Sept 21, 2019, from 11am to 5pm+

WHERE:  Northrop-Grumman’s S-Cafe, Redondo Beach (Usual Venue!) (just off 405 Fwy)

FREE:  Parking, Admission, Exhibitor’s Lunch & Exhibit Tables!


11am to Noon:  Society Attendees Arrival & Exhibit Table Set-up (including your Society Banner!)

Noon to 1pm:  Exhibitor’s Lunch & Inter-Society Networking (including Future Joint Meeting Planning?) (Note:  FREE Lunch graciously provided by TBD—Can your Society donate?)

1pm to 1:30pm:  Opening Ceremonies (including Agenda Overview & Introducing all Societies!)

1:30pm to 2:30pm:  Invited NASA-JPL Speaker’s Talk on Mars Rover & Related Updates!

2:30pm to 4:45pm:  Long BREAK, during which Attendees can visit All of Below:        

  • 20+ Society Tables (learn STEM Careers & Volunteer Needs, earn Raffle Tickets & get Society Swag & Snacks)
  • Outdoor ‘Space Games’ (eg, Straw Rocket Build & Launch, Robot Maze, etc) (running during Talk for younger Kids!)
  • Mars Rover ‘Space Museum’ (TBD)
  • Escorted Tour of ‘Space Hardware Museum’ (in Bldg E-2)  
  • Escorted Tour of Next-Gen Space Telescope (JWST) High-Bay Assembly Area

4:45pm to 5pm+:  Closing Remarks & ‘Space Raffle’

More details (& Important e-RSVP Link) are included in Expo Flyer (below).