STEP UP (Supporting Teachers to Encourage the Pursuit of Undergraduate Physics) is a national community of physics teachers, researchers, and professional societies.

STEP UP is a collaborative effort between the American Physical Society (APS), the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), Florida International University (FIU) and Texas A&M University Commerce. We design high school physics lessons to empower teachers, create cultural change, and inspire young women to pursue physics in college.

Drawing on research evidence, STEP UP will mobilize thousands of high school physics teachers to reduce barriers and inspire young women to pursue physics degrees in college. The goal is to increase the representation of women amongst physics bachelor’s degrees and begin to shift deep-seated cultural views about who does physics. High school may be a critical period, particularly in the US, since physics is delineated as a separate science course at that time and students are getting close to deciding on their majors.

For more information and how to RSVP for the workshop see the flyer below.