Dear Physics Teachers of Southern California,

The 2nd Annual PhysicsCon will take place on Saturday, January 4, 2020 at Caltech in the Feynman Lecture Hall.  This academic conference will celebrate physics with many talks and presentations.  Below is a list of some of the conference highlights, more information is to be found at

If you would like to contribute a talk or show & tell, please use this RSVP Link

PHYSICS CON 2020: Celebration of Physics

The Dangerous Experiments of Benjamin Franklin

Attend a Feynman Lecture on Physics(James Lincoln as Richard Feynman)

@PhysicsFun of Instagram  

Caltech Physics Demo Show

WORKSHOP: BEST Labs and Demos for AP PHYSICS A Physicist on Vacation

WORKSHOP:  New Demonstrations & Experiments in Modern Physics and Electricity



Please REGISTER if you would like to attend. 

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T-Shirts are also available at the Registration Link

James Lincoln, Director