Dear Physics Teachers,

You are invited to our March New Physics Teacher Workshops on Waves: Sound & Light.  These free workshops will help you teach physics by giving you the materials you need and the worksheets for your students to use them!  

Free Workshop! Free Lunch!! Free Materials!!! Free Parking!!!!

RSVP Here:

The workshops are at Cypress College or Canyon Crest Academy HS, depending on if you are from Los Angeles or San Diego, but you can go to either workshop.

San Diego: SAT March 7 – Canyon Crest Academy HS

Los Angeles: SAT March 21 – Cypress College

The workshops go from 8:30pm to 3:15pm, in the morning we do a series of lecture-based demonstrations and in the afternoon we do hands-on lab experience.

I hope you can make, please share this with a friend.

James Lincoln