New Physics Teacher Workshops – Jan/Feb – E&M

Dear SCAAPT Teachers and Professors,

There are some New Physics Teacher Workshops in Jan/Feb on Electricity & Magnetism that you or a colleague might wish to attend.  These will focus on Electricity & Magnetism Labs & Demos.

Saturday, Jan 25 @ Loyola Marymount University 

Saturday, Feb 1 @ University of San Diego


Of Course, these workshops are Free! With Free Materials!! Free Lunch!!! and Free Parking!!!!

Please do share this email with someone who might benefit from help teaching (or understanding) Electricity & Magnetism. There are so many wonderful demos and labs and we give the new teachers the materials to perform them!

It might be easier to just say

Thanks,James LincolnDirector

Call for Officers – Open Positions

Dear SCAAPT Members,There will be an election at the Spring SCAAPT Meeting next year and you may be interested in running for one of our officer positions.  On our website, you will find a list of current officers and a description of each position. you would like to be considered, or would like to know more information of the duties required of an SCAAPT officer, please contact current president Cliff Gerstman. You can also read our constitution on that page.

Sincerely,James LincolnPast-President SCAAPT

Resources for local teachers

The SCAAPT Physics Library is a collection of books, videos, and laboratory and demonstration equipment that is freely available to teachers of Southern California to borrow. Contact the librarian (James Lincoln) if you would like to check out items, donate equipment or get additional information.

Support for teacher collaborations

It’s never too late to apply for funding that can help you and a group of physics teachers (or retirees or engineers or whoever…) work on issues that are important to you and your students.  We are always accepting applications for the Local Area Networks (LANs) program.