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Orange Coast College Tenure-track Astronomy Instructor Position

Instructor, Astronomy

Salary: $52,394.00 – $124,911.00 Annually

Deadline: 2/7/2019 11:59 PM Pacific

Job description and application:

Orange Coast College (OCC) is seeking a full-time, equity-minded, tenure-track faculty member in Astronomy commencing with the 2019 fall semester.

Our department offers an Associate of Science degree in Astronomy, with a range of courses, from introductory surveys to a sophomore-level astrophysics class. Our day and evening laboratory courses teach students to set-up and use Dobsonians, solar telescopes, and computerized Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. Our new planetarium complex will open in the near future and become a destination for OCC and K-12 students, the general public, and our campus community.

Desirable Qualifications:

A Master’s or Ph.D. in astronomy and/or astrophysics.
Recent experience teaching introductory astronomy lecture courses and/or laboratories.
Ability and recent experience teaching sophomore-level calculus-based astrophysics.
Successful teaching experience working with diverse student populations and various class sizes (including large lectures).
Ability and experience implementing research-based instructional techniques to improve student engagement, retention, and success.
Ability and willingness to set up and use telescopes (including solar) as part of instruction and/or public outreach.
Ability to develop and implement lecture and lab curricula using the capabilities of the Community Planetarium.
Capability to develop new curricula in astronomy, in such areas as exoplanetary science, extragalactic astronomy, and archeoastronomy, and scientific literacy.
Experience and skill with addressing issues of equity in the classroom.
Experience and expertise in culturally responsive teaching in Astronomy, particularly as it relates to the relevance of Astronomy to students’ lives, interests, and communities.
Ability to work with the department to develop a regular lecture series hosted in the Community Planetarium.
Experience mentoring students (especially at the community college level) who are engaged in independent research projects.
Ability to self-reflect and respond to an evidence-based assessment of student learning.
Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively and collegially with other faculty […]

New Physics Teacher Workshops – Jan/Feb

Dear Physics Teachers,

We will be having two Electricity & Magnetism Workshops in Jan/Feb for New Teachers.
They will be on SAT Jan 19 @ Mt SAC (Los Angeles) and SAT Feb 2 @ USD (San Diego).

You can fill out this RSVP FORM:

All this information can be found at . Also, If you came last year, you can come again this year because the material is different each year.


I hope that you like getting free lab materials.  The lunch will be extra delicious this time. And as always the parking is free.


James Lincoln

KITP (UCSB) Physics Teachers’ Conference, Feb. 16

Automating Insight @ Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, UC Santa

Feb. 16, 2019, 8 AM-5 PM

The machine learning algorithms that make self-driving cars, virtual
personal assistants, and computer vision work are also changing how
physicists investigate matter at the quantum level. Teachers attending
the conference will first get an accessible introduction to the topic—no
quantum mechanics or machine learning background needed! Then, in
interactive lectures, they will hear world-class physicists explain how
they are using machine learning tools in their research.

AUDIENCE: high school physics teachers

COST: Free. Funds are available to assist with travel and lodging expenses.


CONTACT: Claudia Gutierrez, 805-893-6383,