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Physics Job Opening at CSUDH

Dear Professors of SCAAPT,

CSUDH has two sections of physics available for candidates with Masters degrees or PhDs:

SMT 310-08 (LEC)  TTh 17:30-18:45
SMT 310-09 (LEC)  TTh 14:30-15:45

Both classes are 3 WTU.  Classes start next week.

Contact John Price:
SMT 310
An […]

Resources for local teachers

The SCAAPT Physics Library is a collection of books, videos, and laboratory and demonstration equipment that is freely available to teachers of Southern California to borrow. Contact the librarian (James Lincoln) if you would like to […]

Support for teacher collaborations

It’s never too late to apply for funding that can help you and a group of physics teachers (or retirees or engineers or whoever…) work on issues that are important to you and your […]