Current Meeting

The Spring 2019 SCAAPT meeting will be held Saturday March 23rd at the University of LaVerne.  Information about the meeting can be found via the link to the left.

Past Meetings

You can find links to past schedules, photos and meeting reports to the left.

Future Meetings

Fifty to one-hundred high school and college physics teachers gather twice a year to share ideas and resources with each other.  Hosting a meeting can allow a department to bring their resources and innovations to the attention of nearby physics teachers.  For colleges, hosting a meeting can also increase the visibility of your program among instructors who are teaching prospective students. This can be a great way to increase the pipeline of physics students to your institution.

Want to host a SCAAPT meeting?  There are a few core features that we do seek in a host:

  1. A large meeting room for 80 to 100 people.
  2. Space for registration and morning coffee, plus tables (registration and a few vendors).
  3. Up to two rooms for workshops with table space and electricity for around 20 participants each. (Lab rooms obviously are great options)
  4. Arrangements for coffee and refreshments during registration. (SCAAPT can work with the department to keep costs under control.)
  5. Arrangements for parking- clearly, reserved, free parking is our top choice
  6. Suggestions on how we should handle lunch. The best option is to have a common lunch- could be SPS BBQ, discount at student dining hall, etc. Our goal would be to find an option that is easy for everybody, allows for casual discussions and costs about $10/ participant. (Some schools have subsidized the cost with in-house grants from their Deans to counter the ridiculously high price of campus catering.) Of course, we have done the “here is a map, good luck foraging” option as well.

We also try to work with the department to showcase the building and school with specific activities- tours, etc. For example, we try to involve the host department in the selection of invited speakers. Ideally, at least one comes from the host school.

Sound like a great opportunity?  Contact the President to initiate a discussion.

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