April 21, 2018

Long Beach City College

Local Host: Ryan Carroll

Sponsors: Flinn ScientificOffice Depot/Office Max

Order of Magnitude question: How many atoms of tritium are in all the water molecules in all the swimming pools in the United States?

If you would like to reserve a box lunch for the meeting, please complete the online form by April 14. Lunches will be a burrito from Rubios, plus drinks. The deadline has passed.

The meeting will be held in the Science Building at Long Beach City College.  On the map, this is building D.  (The building is distinctive as it has a planetarium dome on the top.) Please park in Lot H, which is in front of the Science Building. Please print out a parking permit at home and display on your car’s dash.

SCAAPT members are encouraged to contribute a presentation or Show & Tell. Please complete the online form by March 10. The deadline has passed.

8:00-9:30 AM Registration, Refreshments
8:30-9:30 AM Workshop: Get Your Hands on New Vernier Sensors Clarence Bakken, Gunn High School and Vernier
Vernier is rolling out new sensors designed to work seamlessly across a variety of computing devices without need for an interface. Try out my collection of sensors and experiments using your smart phone, tablet, computer or Chromebook and Vernier’s free Graphical Analysis 4 app. Download the latest version of the app and bring it with you to the workshop.
9:40-9:45 AM Welcome and Announcements
9:45-10:00 AM Your Demo Budget: Constrained by Hooke’s Law? Naww! Larry Stein, University of La VerneI show how to extend your demonstration budget by making a single apparatus (system) serve the purpose of showing multiple Physics Principles.
10:00-10:45 AM Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge (H2AC) Daniel Mehay, Horizon EducationalThe Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge (H2AC) introduces students to climate change, environmental sustainability, renewable energy and alternative fuels through a variety of science experiments and curricular materials. The students then design, engineer and build their own fuel cell powered RC car. The program concludes with students testing their design in a 4-hour endurance race.
10:45-11:00 AM Updates from the PhysTEC Site at CSU Long Beach Galen Pickett, California State University Long Beach
California State University Long Beach California State University Long Beach has been a supported / legacy PhysTEC site since 2010. Key PhysTEC activities aimed at increasing the number of secondary teachers with a deep understanding of physics have resulted in explosive growth in the undergraduate program generally. Connecting students with a meaningful community of practice (regular high school open houses, monthly demo-sharing activities, physics mixers, the Learning Assistant program) has made all of the difference. This growth has been strongest with under-represented minority students, and with women.
11:00-11:15 AM Current Events in Astronomy Amy Fredericks, Long Beach City College
11:15-11:30 AM Group Dynamics in the Physics Tutorials at CSU Los Angeles Smbat Avetyan, CSU Los AngelesIn the physics tutorials at CSU Los Angeles, it was observed that students who earn a relatively high score on the pretest exam typically earn the same score on the posttest exam. What is more interesting is the observation that in a group setting where a student in the group earns a relatively high score on the pretest, the entire group earn’s roughly the same score on the posttest. We were investigating this observation to see if it is a recurring theme or whether it was just a coincidence. Now we have the results.
11:30-11:45 AM Taking Probeware Into Our Students’ Environment Clarence Bakken, Gunn High School and Vernier
While an accelerometer is usually used to measure changes in velocity, it can also be used to explore other ideas in the student’s environment. The same is true for UV sensors and goniometers. Take away a few novel uses of these sensors.
11:45 AM – 12:00 PM Show & Tell (Sign up when you check in)
12:00 – 12:15 PM Business Meeting
12:15-1:15 PM Lunch
1:15 – 1:45 PM Planetarium Show Amy Fredericks, Long Beach City CollegeThe planetarium show will familiarize the audience with the constellations and other reference points of the sky. The wonders of the Solar System will be on full display. We will “journey” for famous celestial objects and witness celestial events as only a domed screen can present them.
1:50 – 2:15 PM Magnetic Resonance Imaging: The Applications, The Science, and Lab Ideas Sanaz “Sunny” Taghizadeh, UCLA, Hoag Hospital Newport BeachNMR and MRI have been used by medical professionals for decades far surpassing x-rays photographs in detail and safety (especially for soft tissue imaging). In this talk, I will discuss the basic physics of nuclear magnetic resonance, and explain how MRI images are created. Also discussed is a desktop laboratory device that can help this emerging technology become a hands-on experience for students in the classroom.
2:15 – 2:30 PM Secrets of the Periodic Table James Lincoln, AAPT, The Physics Teacher
Far from just chemistry lab wallpaper, the periodic table illustrates the periodic of behavior of the chemical elements. But this periodicity has been shown to be caused by the underlying physics of the nucleus. The perspective of physics helps us answer many questions that chemists cannot! Why are most elements metals? Why are there three noble metals all in the same column? Why are the three ferromagnetic elements neighbors? Is Hydrogen an Alkali Metal? Where do the names s, p, d, and f come from? Hear the answers to these questions and more as we investigate the Secrets of the Periodic Table.
2:30 – 3:30 PM Visiting Newton’s Atelier before the Principia Michael Nauenberg, University of California, Santa Cruz
After some historical remarks, I will demonstrate how Isaac Newton may have drawn orbits for central forces with a pencil and a ruler. Several examples will be shown including the gravitational force that determines the motion of planets around the Sun.
3:45PM The World Famous “Order of Magnitude Contest” and Door Prizes Meeting Adjourns

The meeting report will be posted here.