SCAAPT organizes interactive workshops for new physics teachers in Southern California.  The New Physics Teacher Workshops (NPTW) has continued to grow in popularity since its inception and serves approximately 30 new teachers at each of the three annual workshops.  These meetings involve master teachers who share their expertise and advise with the participants.

The focus is on demonstrations and hands on training.  Typically, in the first half of the workshops the participants view demonstrations and receive a content primer to help them organize their instructional units.  In the second half of the workshops (after lunch), the participants work in teams to perform the actual laboratories recommended to them by the master teachers.  Often the lab equipment is given to the participants.

Funding for NPTW has come from both SCAAPT and the Karl Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund.

More information about NPTW, including workshop schedules and contact information can be found at the NPTW website.

“Love that you gave out materials. I am soooo thankful this workshop came along — I would be lost without it!”